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Specializing in Social Media and Email Marketing Strategies for Wellness Brands

There's a better way to do social media.

And it starts with you spending LESS time on it. 

Hi there, I’m Andrea, founder of Seascape Social Media. I’ve been where you are. I knew I needed a consistent social media presence in order to grow my business but couldn’t make it fit into my busy life. Between helping my clients and making sure I was taking care of myself, I had no time left to market my business on social media and was feeling my health slip away. 

Sound familiar?

At my core, I have a deep desire to help people. I take pride in helping my clients by removing social media management from their busy schedules. It doesn’t have to be time consuming or complicated. 

You can get back to helping your clients and taking care of yourself all while growing your business through social media. 

You will finally have the time and money for that beach vacation you’ve been dreaming of. Are your bags packed yet?!

Go ahead, let me take social media off your to do list.

At Seascape Social Media, I come alongside you as a partner in your social media and email marketing strategies. I am dedicated to helping you grow your business online without having to spend hours of your precious time trying to figure it out yourself. I want to take social media off your plate so you can focus on helping your clients and also have more time to take care of your own health. 

  • No more blindly posting on social media once a week and hoping for the best.
  • No more letting your email list go cold.
  • No more putting your own health on the back burner in order to grow your business.
  • No more trying to figure out how you are possibly going to have the time to focus on your current clients AND grow your business.

Do you feel a sense of relief washing over you yet?

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