Are you a Wellness Business Owner looking to enhance your instagram presence?

Imagine optimizing your Instagram account so you can attract more potential clients. Our Instagram Audit service is your passport to a serene and thriving online presence.

Are you striving to make a positive impact on the wellness world but feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of Instagram? You’re not alone. The good news? I’m here to make Instagram work for you. 

Ditch the one-size-fits-all Instagram advice found online and opt for a personalized, insightful, and stress-free solution crafted to enhance your Instagram presence. Perfect for wellness business owners not yet ready for the more in-depth strategy session.

What’s included in the Instagram Audit:

  • Profile Optimization: Transform your profile into a compelling and client-attracting place. I will look at your profile picture, bio, username, story highlights, calls to action, links.
  • Content Optimization: Dive deep into the content that you’re sharing. I will analyze the quality of your content, posting frequency, pinned content, content copy and calls to action, hashtags.
  • Community Optimization: Understand your audience and their needs. I will study the engagement on your account, quality of followers, the account’s management of their community.

I will provide notes on my observations in the above areas as well as optimization opportunities in a PDF by the date that you book on my schedule. I will also include action items so you can immediately begin making changes to your Instagram account.

How it works:

  1. Click the button below, pick a date (the date you book is when I will have the audit to you – we will not actually be meeting), fill out a brief questionnaire, and pay your invoice.

  2. Check your inbox for a contract, look it over, sign it and I will be able to begin your audit.

  3. I will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your Instagram account without needing access to your login information.

  4. By the date you book at the link below, you’ll receive a detailed PDF outlining my observations, tailored recommendations, and actionable steps to boost your Instagram presence.

  5.  Begin implementing the recommendations provided to you!

**Please note: this is a customer-facing audit, meaning I will NOT log into your account. My observations and recommendations will solely be based on what I can see without viewing your insights. If you want a more in-depth audit and strategy for your Instagram account, a strategy session may be a better fit for you!