Social Media Engagement: Why Shifting Your Mindset Is Important

Have you fallen victim to bad advice about engaging on social media? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! I’ve been there. I used to try all the “tips and tricks” that the experts recommended doing to grow my account. That included lots of horrible social media engagement tactics.

I tried things like…following 10 ideal clients a day, looking up 9 hashtags and commenting on the top 9 posts in those hashtags, finding ideal clients then liking tons of their posts…I think you get the drift! It was tacky, time-consuming, and did NOTHING to grow my business.

One-Way Ticket to Burnout

Doing 30-60 minutes of what I like to refer to as forced engagement each day was nothing more than a one-way ticket to burning out. It increased some of my overall engagement because I was getting a few likes and comments in return but I wasn’t getting more clients, I wasn’t getting more website traffic, I wasn’t even getting more followers. The only thing that happened is that I was beginning to hate being on social media…not ideal for a social media manager.

That’s when I knew that a mindset shift was needed. It changed everything for me and the way I show up for my business on social media. I know it can change how you show up as well!

shifting your mindset

Listen, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t engage, it’s incredibly important to be social on social media. But stop wasting your time and energy on pointless forced engagement. There’s a better way to engage and it starts with being genuine. And yes, that means no more leaving random comments that don’t even make sense on people’s posts. Here are some ways to begin genuinely engaging:

social media engagement strategies

Sound simple? That’s because it IS! No rules to follow, just be yourself and engage with content you enjoy. The biggest piece of advice I can give is to stop engaging with the expectation of getting something in return. That mindset shift will change everything for you! Once you begin engaging with accounts you enjoy, being on social media won’t feel like a chore you have to get done.

Don't underestimate the power of networking.

It’s also important to remember that using social media to network is incredibly powerful. Begin to network and build relationships with other business owners. This is an underrated way to grow your business, it can open a lot of doors. Not only that, being a business owner is HARD work and can oftentimes be lonely. Having a support system that includes other business owners is so helpful. Out with seeing everyone as competition, in with collaboration and support!

Time Boundaries Are Still Important

While I do suggest doing away with the mentality of forcing yourself to engage for a certain amount of time per day, I still recommend setting a timer when you get on social media for engagement. It’s easy to get sucked into social media and end up spending hours on it if you aren’t careful. Decide what an appropriate amount of time is per day for you and your business and start there. It’s okay if you only have 10 minutes free in your day. Some days you may not have any time available. Do what serves you and isn’t going to leave you burnt out and ignoring more important tasks in your business and life!

It can be hard to know the correct way to show up on social media with all of the noise from the various social media experts you follow. Sometimes you have to tune out all of the advice and do what feels right for your business. This is something I address in my Strategy Sessions. In learning more about you so I can make a strategy recommendation, I ask you questions about your personal life and what kind of time you have available to devote to social media. Your social media strategy should be reasonable. Book a session today if you need a little help figuring out how you should be showing up. 

Show up. Be social. Be genuine. Have fun!